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      1. J B

        I’m willing to try it, but now can I get it? The store seems to want things to be opened in Unity, and in 5.2.1, it says that I need to upgrade Unity to 5.3.4


  1. Paul Lindberg

    I bought Ruler2D, and I’m very happy with it. Congrats on releasing your new version! However, we’re still stuck on Unity 5.5.x. Can you point me to a site to re-download the 5.5-compatible asset since I just moved to a new system? The asset store wants me to download the newer one that’s marked incompatible with 5.5.


    1. pixelfireco Post author

      Thanks for purchasing the asset. It is fully compatible with Unity 5 series and you should have no problems running the latest version. Question: Is the asset store allowing you to download the latest version and displaying a warning? Or is it restricting the download?

      We will get you up and running as soon as I have the above information.

      Behind the scenes:
      As a plugin developer, assets are submitted to the store using Unity and their “Asset Store Tools” plugin (which is also available like any other asset on the asset store). When this process completes, the asset store automatically flags the plugin as only compatible with the version of Unity that was used to submit the asset. Their current process is non-ideal because it assumes that the asset is not backward compatible – which is almost never the case.



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